Help us to improve ENART
and make it more interesting for you

Kind of business
Decorative products Furniture Departamental store Dealer/supplier
Hotel Jewelry Clothes/textile Gift’s store
Restaurant Others, specify:
1. How did you know about ENART fail?
Internet/Enart Web Chamber of Commerce or Trace Tommission News paper/magazine
Envíos (postales, trípticos etc.) Recommendation Other, specify
2. How many times have you been to ENART?
First time More than 2
3. Do you recive on time the information for to plane your visit to ENART?
No Yes, with how much time?
4. Does the brochure give you a clear idea about Enart, and does it has the necessary information to plan your visit?
Yes If not, what is missing?
5. Which styles do you prefer?
Mexican colonial Classic Modern
Contemporary Rustic Other, specify
6. What kind of products are you interested in?
Leather accesories Lighting Decorative ceramic Frames, picture frame
Esculturas Papel Mache Toys Wooden furniture
Leather furniture, Ethnic handcrafts Christian articles Souvenirs Painting
Dehydrated flowers Pewer Talavera Ceramic Wrought iron furniture
Doll collection Religious articles Flowerpots Glass, blown glass and crystal
Fiberglass articles Jewelry Table linen and honre blankets
Hammocks Clothes Candles
7. Did you find in ENART the producis your buesiness requires?
Yes No, I didn´t found it
8.If you have ever had any problem with an Enart exhibitor, specify the reason
None Undelivered merchandise on time Price Undelivered merchandise
Damaged merchandise Merchandise incomplete Other
9. Do you lodging at any suggested hotel from the brochure?
NO Yes Hotel and how you consider the service
10. If you have ever missed ENART, specify the reason
Monetary Products out of season
Did not fine the products you need Not competitiver prices
Lack of variety or new products Lack of information about the ENART
Other Specify
11. Suggestion / complaints to improve ENART?